Horse Thermography

The horses thermography is a comprehensive, cost effective,  imaging diagnostic method. It locates injuries, inflammations, blockages etc. and supports veterinarians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, saddlers, farriers and dentists in the purposeful treatment.


For the horse thermography has enormous advantages:

  • With only a single study all causes of complaint be located exactly.
  • It takes place entirely without contact.
  • The investigation can take place in the familiar environment of the horse.
  • The horse does not need to be sedated / anesthetized.
  • It is completely hassle free for the horse.

With the last point, however, is also accompanied by a fallacy. Many hand it is claimed that diseases and injuries can be detected before they occur. That’s not entirely accurate. The horses thermography can show this, however, before one can find in the handling or riding changes (eg. lameness).

And this projection may be 2-3 weeks without any problems!
Several American studies have even shown that thermographic changes up to 6 weeks were detected before the appearance of symptoms.

That this is not only gray theory, is also my personal experience. With over 80% of my screening tests thermographic abnormalities are presented.


This sport horse showed no visible symptoms and was still thermography clearly noticeable.
The reason for this is, in my opinion, most likely in the nature of the horse. As prey animals, horses are true masters in compensating. Means that they are pain to hide very long in the situation. This must also be so, because injured horse are light in the wild prey. And even if we are not talking of horses in the wild, so this fact is deeply rooted in the genes and still up to date.
Conversely, this also means, however, that, for example, a visible lameness is quite far at the end of pain process.
It is therefore to be regarded as quite reasonable to let his horse examine every 6 months thermography.
In high performance sport horses I see a much shorter distance, we ask you but week after week excellence from which you can only pay if they are absolutely fit and not only make the appearance.

How versatile is the horse thermography shows the volume of applications.


Thermography does not replace a X-ray, ultrasound, or scintigraphy. It locates at the point the location of the cooker. The final diagnosis and treatment can be targeted, are time-consuming and cost-effectively carried out by the respective specialist.
For this reason, the horses thermography should always be at the beginning and be done regularly.